Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox


The Frequency Domain System Identification Toolbox (FDIDENT) provides tools to measure, identify and evaluate linear models of dynamic systems, and to evaluate and characterize nonlinearities of a dynamic system. The procedures can be executed either by working with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI), or in the command-line. Objects allow smooth data and model exchange with MATLAB's control design toolboxes and its System Identification Toolbox.

The toolbox is a collection of frequency domain based procedures. Arbitrary signal forms (even random noise and nonperiodic data) can be properly processed with elimination of leakage or transient effects. Identification starts from either time domain measurements (time series) or frequency domain data (FRF measurements). Model validation incorporates different tests in the frequency domain.

Its current version has been tested under the latest MATLAB versions. Backward compatibility is also maintained. It runs on all types of computers and operational systems where MATLAB also runs.




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